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Lionel Messi’s Golden Foot

Lionel Messi’s Golden Foot

Currently rated world’s greatest footballer, Barcelona and Argentina player Lionel Messi, has had his left foot immortalised in a solid gold casting.

Messi’s golden foot has been created by the world-renowned firm of jewelers, Ginza Tanaka of Japan, and has a price tag of $5.3m for the 24ct foot, weighing 25kg.

There are also two other gold pieces inspired by the player for sale. Messi’s golden footprint is available for $95,000 while the ‘Golden Foot Mini’, which is half the size of the life-size gold foot, is for sale at a mere $42,000. Part of the proceeds from these sales will go to Messi’s charitable foundation which in turn will be giving aid to children in areas of Japan hit by natural disasters in 2011.

‘I’m honoured to have my foot recreated in pure gold,’ said Messi, who has been voted the world’s greatest player four times running, most recently in 2012.