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Works by Lithuanian authorial jewellery artists were noticed in foreign markets

Works by Lithuanian authorial jewellery artists were noticed in foreign markets

An online jewellery art event. What are the possible outcomes, what traffic can you expect, how can you track it? The Amber Trip team, who are organising the annual International Baltic Jewelry Show, faced these and many other questions when they decided to make the “Jewelry Art and Business Trends” event online due to Covid-19’s existing restrictions.

The event, which took place in the virtual space between December 15-19 last year, received a lot of attention from abroad and from the Lithuanian jewellery art industry. Galleries, jewellery store owners, museums, collectors and jewellery magazines showed interest.

“It was a great challenge to be part of the organising team of the virtual event. Most of our questions were answered with the help of the specialists in those fields. With the help of technology, we were able to track website traffic, and the results were great. With the  interest of foreign companies and their further communication about coming to Lithuania to see the jewellery art works in real life, we understand the real extent of the benefits that this event brought. ” - Project coordinator Venice Kornelija Guntoriūtė.

After seeing Works of Lithuanian author's jewellery makers, jewellery lovers from abroad are planning to visit the annual XVIII International Baltic Jewelry Show "Amber Trip", which will be held between 16-19th of March in Vilnius, Lithuania in Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO.

“We are delighted to see that this virtual networking event has really benefited the jewellery industry and helped break the ice that has been frozen as a result of Covid-19. Representatives of several jewellery magazines and one international jewellery exhibition, which is organised in Munich, Germany, have noticed the makers of Lithuanian author jewellery. We believe that this event will have long-term benefits, which will allow Lithuanian jewellery makers to become better known in foreign markets, ”says Giedrius Guntorius, the organiser of the international Baltic jewellery exhibition Amber Trip.

Virtual space is not unfamiliar to the organisers of Amber Trip. In 2020 the company opened the online gallery “Baltic Jewelry Art Gallery”. The idea to create a virtual gallery was not accidental, it was also created to increase the Lithuanian and foreign markets awareness of Lithuanian jewellery artists' works.

The event "Jewellery Art and Business Trends" is partly funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture. Its organisation is assisted by the Telšiai Faculty of the Vilnius Academy of Arts, the Lithuanian Association of Author's Jewellery Makers and the Auksakaliai Guild.